Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cricket World Cup 2011

I used to watch one day matches with family when I was in school. But as me and my brother, Harshad grew up, he started watching cricket so much than before, I got fed up of it and didnt watch it much since then. It's been almost 12 years since I remember watching any one day match from start to end.

This year when world cup advertisements started appearing on tv and radio, I was quite unhappy with the thought of cricket being watched in our house at all times and about hearing only cricket talks everywhere around. Obviously I did not watch any match, except few glimpses while passing from tv room..

When India entered semi-final, the atmosphere around changed very quickly, everything was very cheerful and everyone was excited about India vs Pakistan match. One could only hear people talking about cricket and the upcoming match. I always loved watching a cricket match, not because I love the game but because the fun we had as a group while watching it. So when some friend suggested that we should watch it together, I was for it.

We had seen second innings of the 20-20 world cup match at Manali's house, which we had won. So we decided to watch the game at her house, it being a great place to enjoy and more importantly we had won the last match we saw there.. :) Manali called around 15 of our friends to invite them to watch the game, but finally only 10 of us gathered together.

Meanwhile, we decided to have a screening at our office as well. So we decided that we would watch first innings with the Tekdi team and second innings with our friends. All of us finally met at Manali's home around 7pm on 30th March.

Me and Harshad, always used to predict when the opposite team's batsman will be out and had fun. For India vs Pakistan match, we did the same and the predictions were quite right, so everyone enjoyed predicting the game with us and had a lot of fun.

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After the match, we left Manali's house to go back home and to our surprise, all the roads were crowded, even blocked at times. This was really a big day for everyone since we had actually won the match after the big hype about the match.. It was the night of all festivals being celebrated by everyone and everywhere in Pune. It was great to watch people cheering enthusiastically for India.

When we entered the finals, it was obvious that we would watch the final game between India and Srilanka, at Manali's home. This time Manali called all the friends again and finally 22 of us, Girija, Shraddha, Aditi, Sachin, Tejas, Nupur, Maithili, Dnynesh, Ketaki, Rasika, Harshad, Paresh, Ashish, Ashwin, Manali, Abhijit, Aniket, Pinakin, Darshan, Seema, Parth and myself gathered to enjoy the final match. 

We had fun chatting, making jokes, performing like a bunch of musicians and finally we won the WC, after decades of wait. And it was again a night of celebrations so we joined and enjoyed, the people cheering on the roads till 1:15 am and parted our ways to join others in celebrations or just to get a good night's sleep.

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  1. Awesome!!!
    Had fun to the fullest. Thanks for capturing the same Himaaaaanngi. :)