Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Interesting Hobby - Coin Collection

Recently one of my friends, Pinakin showed me his Indian coins & notes collection, nicely put in an album. It was very interesting to see those coins with so many different pictures and variations. I have been collecting coins since I was in school, but used to use a small carry bag to put them all in it. After I saw Pinakin's collection, I just couldn't stop thinking about getting an Album and organizing my collection properly.

In a weeks time I bought an album and organized all my coins nicely. I remembered that my father and my grandmother had a small but a good collection of old coins. Then I was after my grandmother to find those coins, and ultimately found them in my brother's cupboard, as he also collects coins from India as well as other countries.

I have been reading about coin collection since past week and found out about concept of 'mint' and scanned all the coins I have, to find a same coin with different mints.

I found a lot of interesting information about pursuing coin collection as a hobby on the Internet.. For instance.. what all things you should consider / know while doing a collection, more information about coins since few thousand years, where you can sell or buy coins etc. Whoever is interested in this, may find the following links useful.

Information about Numismatic / coin collecting
Mint marks on Indian coins
For information, buying and selling coins

Request to all : If anyone finds new / rare coins kindly give it to me. Even if you think I have the same coin, please pass it on, since it may be having a different mint. 

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