Saturday, September 17, 2011

More on coins and notes collection

Since last time I posted, it has been a wonderful time for me.
I bought the largest coin album Venus had (192 Coins) since they didnt have any smaller ones in stock, and I was wondering how much of it will be filled once I start placing coins in that. To my surprise, I had 87 different coins with different pictures on it. As I started checking more coins for different mints, my collection increased very fast. For starters I found out that there are four mints in India, that is coins are made in Noida, Kolkata, Mumbai and Hyderabad, which has their specific mark. While scanning coins for these mints, I found few more mints which I could not recognise. Then I found that, in past years Indian government has got coins from some foreign countries and all the mints I could not recognise were foreign mints.

After I had checked all the coins I, my grandmother, my parents and in laws had, and got few very interesting old coins from my grandmother, I moved on to checking the Indian bank notes. I had few old and new notes kept aside, but that wasn't enough for now, since sometime back I had come across a site having a list of banknotes bearing signatures of different governors at the time of printing that note. So a same 10 rupee note, could have n number of different governors' signature. Later on I found that some years back, notes had signature of the Secretary of the Ministry of Finance. These factors got me started on checking all the bank notes I could find with my grandmother. Now you may wonder why she had so many coins and notes in the first place... :) So you should know that, she has been a housewife / home maker her entire life but due to the need at a time or she liked to do these things, she have done few small businesses like catering, selling products etc. Whatever profits she got from these businesses she used to keep aside. Since I remember, my grandfather used to help her at the end of every day by writing accounts properly, from the references she may have scribbled somewhere or had in mind.. So, since I restarted these collections, she has been the most excited person, other than me, checking coins and banknotes for the factors I am interested in.

To sum it all up, so far I have more than 180 coins with different mints, having around 100 different types / pictures in all. I have more than 30 banknotes with different signs, having 16 different types..

Still the request to all of you stands, and I would appreciate any further contributions!

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